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2014 Accent Challenge

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I’m Not Olivia Pope or Mary Jane So….Now What?

When the ABC and BET television executives met to discuss the demographics before premiering their shows, Scandal and Being Mary Jane, they had women like me in mind; Black, educated, professional or semi-professional, ages 25 or 30 plus, and highly interested in watching a show starring a strong Black female lead.  Both shows are supposed … Continue reading

Beautiful Distractions: Coping w/Crushing While Creating…

It is my belief that, as a writer, you have to be observant of everything. For me, people-watching strongly influences my writing process. While people-watching, I’m picking up on context clues in conversations, nonverbal communication or body language as well as dreaming up various scenarios and their potential outcomes. During the course of observing life, … Continue reading

On Being a Bad Ass…

Have you ever noticed the contradiction in how we approach confidence and braggadocio? While we harp consistently on being confident, we also warn against bragging. From my experiences, bragging usually occurs when someone doesn’t have any real proof of their badassness. However, there’s some of us out here that should stop every now and again … Continue reading

About Writer’s Block: “Why Are You So Afraid of a Blank Page?”

Any writer worth their salt has suffered from writer’s block. I’m sure of it. If I meet someone who says they’re a writer and claim to have never dealt with it, I’d think they were lying or perhaps writing is simply a hobby and not a serious profession.  For the most part, writing is hard … Continue reading

Stage Plays Don’t Grow on Trees, Ya Know….

I am a Playwright. Yes, I am Black so that means I do Black plays. Yes, I am a woman so that means I do Black plays that are woman-centered.  But let me be clear. I do not do gospel plays or urban stage plays, which in many cases, are technically the same thing. I … Continue reading


“Thus all Art is propaganda and ever must be, despite the wailing of the purists. I stand in utter shamelessness and say that whatever art I have for writing has been used always for propaganda for gaining the right of black folk to love and enjoy. I do not care a damn for any art … Continue reading

Racism: Constant Talking Isn’t Necessarily Communication

Originally posted on Joseph Boston:
There is an age old conversation taking place in America. The conversation, whether asked directly or indirectly centers on this most volatile of topics and question. Racism and “Are you a racist?” I feel this frame of questioning is almost mute at this point because the answer doesn’t really answer…

“….But I Live in This City, Though….”

When you’re an artist of some kind, oftentimes, when residing in a city other than Los Angeles or New York City, you’re told that you have to leave in order to succeed. You’ll hear several individuals using their positions as supportive friends and colleagues to point out the plethora of resources and opportunities in other … Continue reading

Too Black, Too Strong…

While in high school, I was in the Air Force Junior ROTC program with the intention of enlisting in the Air Force or the Navy after graduation.  The Navy was part of the choice because my boyfriend, at the time, was riding the high seas aboard the USS Detroit and I wanted to be a … Continue reading

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