About Chandra Kamaria

Chandra Kamaria by Charlisha RenataI am the….Up all night, wanna sleep all day or at least till 9am

Doer of the things to do, big on details, even bigger of a dreamer

No stiletto wearing, pretty toes in the sandals, or sneaker sporting

Barefoot party hostess, ‘70s adoring, soul music seeker, hip hop purist,

For the people, Black experience worshipper, God-loving, spiritually awakened, Disdainer of foolishness or triviality, worthless tradition, lover of all things artistic, creative darling, queen piece, holding down the King of Diamonds, pimp phrase turning, gamed up, can’t no man hold me unless I want to be held, up one way, down the other, abstract, vague on some days, explicit one moment, full disclosure, no pretense having, down to earth, salt of the earth, daughter of the Crooked Letter, slave food fed, but gourmet loving, five star, shining star, moon admirer, cosmic lover, funkateer, child of production, the undisco kidd, moving the sexy body, earth tone rocking, oil blend burner, book collecting, pontificator of all things intellectual, wised up,woman who’s actually pretty cool to get to know….

Southern Eccentrik is Me and I am Southern Eccentrik — the Country Girl w/ City-fied Ways…

I learn. I build. I grow. I share. An artist with the heart of an educator, the mind of a social innovator, the skills of a business woman, and the fight of an activist. I’m all of that because I work at being the best Me that I can be — but I’m nothing b/c I can only exceed by being humble to God.

Uhh, oh yeah, I write, produce, and direct stage plays, run a media/marketing agency that hosts a music podcast.


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